Bond It adds to portfolio with Monster Tape

UK-based Bond It, one of the UK’s fastest growing manufacturers of sealants, adhesives, waterproofing products and other building chemicals, has made another addition to its growing portfolio.

Cue, Monster Tape; a high strength waterproof duct tape which compliments Bond It’s established Tigris Tapes range. The rubber-based Monster Tape has an easy tear feature to compliment its heavy duty quality, as well as high tack for binding, fixing, sealing, repairing, joining and protecting among other uses.

The tape provides long lasting adhesion on most substrates including rough and uneven surfaces and those that are wet or damp. Being water-resistant the tape can withstand short term water exposure from rain.

Without a fiddly backing tape to remove Monster Tape is also easy to work with, according to Bond It.

The product is displayed in an ‘eye catching’ POS box containing 12 rolls of 11m tape.