Blechexpo 2019: “Sheet metal still dominates in machinery and equipment manufacturing”

The dominant role of sheet metal as a structural material in machinery and equipment manufacturing is not about the change any time soon, according to the organisers of Blechexpo.

Stuttgart-set Blechexpo, running 5-8 November 2019, takes place alongside Schweisstec (now in its seventh year – Blechexpo is in its 14th). Both run every two years and combined cover the digitalised, automated world of sheet metal and metals processing.

The latest PR from the show explained how its focus on precision cutting, stamping and forming of steel, aluminium and non-ferrous sheet metal, was still bang on trend. As a structural material, along with pipe and profile materials, sheet metal has emerged as a common alternative to conventional cast iron, steel and plastic constructions.

FEM-optimised lightweight design and modular component systems characterise the image of modern, material, weight and cost-saving vehicle, machinery and equipment manufacturing.

Visitors to the show will be presented with solutions and systems covering all aspects of pre-processing and final processing, module assembly and surface finishing for sensitive, visible components. The issues of lightweight design, design engineering solutions, handling, quality assurance, automation and digitalisation in sheet metal processing and joining technology are also dealt with extensively.

This year’s joint show will take place over nine halls in Stuttgart. Opening day includes an ‘Expert Meet’ organised by Stahlnews, which will combine presentations and exchanges of ideas.