Big Wipes now available by the bucketload

A large capacity bucket for Big Wipes is now available, containing the brand’s 4×4 Multi-Purpose wipes.

The reusable bucket houses 300 of the industrial strength wipes and is pitched at vans and workshops.

According to the brand, Big Wipes 4×4 shift all modern construction sealants, adhesives, paints, coatings and grime in an instant. Containing four powerful cleaning agents and four dermatologically tested skin conditioners, they are truly tough on grime but kind to your hands

Big Wipes 4×4 Multi-Purpose wipes are made from an exclusive three layered, non-woven quilted fabric, that captures liquid between the fibres. They use the robust Power Fabric Technology and have been assessed to the latest EU Regulation 1223/2009 for cosmetic products with zero levels of irritation recorded during controlled testing by dermatologists. The range also offers >99.9% antibacterial protection for your skin. All Big Wipes are used without water.

There’s more on the 4×4 wipes here.

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