Ben Towe takes over as Group MD at Hadley Group

Ben Towe (pictured left) has been appointed Group Managing Director leading the day-to-day worldwide activities of Hadley Group and Associates, a move part of Hadley Group’s strategic 2020 vision.,

As Executive Group Chairman Stewart Towe (pictured right) will continue to promote, drive and support the strategic intent of Hadley Group.

A privately owned company, Hadley Group is a global cold rollforming manufacturing business. Built on engineering excellence, the company prides itself on innovation in cold rollforming technology. Towe will continue to drive the company’s growth strategy while Dr Michael Castellucci will take the reins as Group Engineering Director responsible for all technical and operational functions.

Castellucci was instrumental in the development of Hadley Group’s patented UltraSTEEL® process – a groundbreaking steel strengthening technology.

“I have really enjoyed my role as Chairman and Managing Director of Hadley Group over the past 12 years building highly effective Board members and a successful business,” said Stewart Towe, Executive Group Chairman, Hadley Group. “My new role will give me the opportunity to pursue activities within the wider business community while still supporting the pursuit of Hadley Group’s strategic business development and investment activities globally.”

Jonathan Jaggar continues as Group Sales Director and Richard Neale as Group Finance Director.