Cone-formed Belleville spring washers now available from Lee Spring

Cone-formed Belleville spring washers are now available ex-stock from Lee Spring in 300 series passivated stainless steel.

Lee Spring said: “Typically this design offers dramatic savings in height and load capability where they are ideal for common engineering applications requiring high load performance in a small space with minimal deflection. They are often used to solve vibration, thermal expansion, relaxation and bolt creep problems and are useful for adjustments, because different thicknesses can be swapped in and out. They can be configured differently in this way to achieve essentially infinite tunability of spring rate and can act as a shock absorber or to perform a dampening function.”

Standard (or custom) Lee Spring Belleville washers may be stacked in a variety of configurations and thicknesses – for example: in series or in parallel or a combination of both to achieve varying loads and heights, in four possible arrangements of: single (one washer), parallel, series or series/parallel combination – each of which confers a different set of operational characteristics once installed.

Lee Spring Belleville washers are available in standard sizes from 5mm to 95mm OD and 2.4mm to 52mm ID.

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