BASE steps out with 3 new safety trainers

BASE has revealed three new safety trainer options for its range: Frisbee, Be-Shiny and Colosseum.

The trio join the existing Martin and Opera BASE trainer line-up and are similar in comfort and style and – according to BASE – are among the lightest safety trainers on the market.

Both Frisbee and Be-Shiny trainers are fitted with BASE SlimCap – a metal-free toe cap which is 35% lighter than standard steel toe caps, BASE said, and with a pre-shaped protective bend for additional protection. Frisee and Be-Shiny also have a tough and slip-resistant TPU-Skin, which makes the soles of the footwear ultra-flexible, to cushion the foot and bend as required. With its steel toe cap, the Colosseum trainer is flexible and comfortable thanks to its Airtech anti-fatigue sole.

Other tech packed into the Frisbee is BASE’s Dry ‘n’ Air technology, an ergonomic footbed built for extreme comfort, plus air circulation to keep feet cool and fresh.

All three new trainers feature padded collars to maximise comfort and include all-important SmellStop technology, with a fabric lining that has a permanent anti-bacterial treatment to help prevent odours.

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