Abus launches new generation “Titalium” padlocks

Abus has produced a new generation of padlock, made from an alloy called “Titalium”.

The German manufacturer has combined titanium and aluminium to create the alloy, which has a 30% reduced weight compared to more traditionally-used brass.

Titalium combines high torsion with lightness, striking a balance between maximum strength and low weight while maintaining the same level of security as padlocks made from other materials.

The use of aluminium  in the alloy allows Abus to manufacture the padlocks at a lower cost than their brass counterparts.

The Titalium product range contains three series: the flagship 80TI series, the main 64TI range, and the entry-level 54TI series.

Abus TitaliumFlagship 80TI

The 80TI Titalium range padlock has a large lock body that features a 6-pin precision cylinder with a paracentric keyway to protect against force and manipulative break-ins.

The lock has a chromium-plated core and hardened steel shackle, complete with a Nano protect coating to maintain security and resistance to corrosion. The range also features double shacking locking, and comes in 40, 45 and 50mm sizes.

Main range 64TI

The 64TI range of Titalium padlock is designed for use where there is a medium-hight risk of theft. As with the 80TI series, the lock body is made from Titalium and features a paracentric keyway, hardened steel shackle and a nano protect coating.

The lock is double-bolted and includes a precision pin cyclinder with chrome-plated cylinder plugs. This range comes in: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60mm sizes.

Entry-level 54TI

The 54TI range is designed for use where there are items of lesser value or a lower risk of theft. This is the basic version of the Titalium range, with the padlock being double-bolted and featuring a hardened steel shackle. The lock comes in 30, 35, 40 and 50mm sizes.

David Hudson, Abus’ Sales Director, said: “The product is lighter than brass and so less likely to damage paintwork and is lighter to handle. Titalium is lower priced and more difficult to cut through than Brass, as it is a denser material.”

“Our competitors make padlocks out of Aluminium but to the best of my knowledge do not add another material to the final product.”

The Titalium product range can be found here.