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About Torque-Expo

Torque-Expo is an innovative international magazine covering the global fastener, tool and related industries. With an increasingly mobile workforce, the way we consume news and media is changing, along with the way we purchase products and services. Featuring the latest news and insight on a range of topics, Torque Magazine is published ten times a year.

Recognising the new opportunities and advantages that digital media offers but not neglecting the value of traditional print publications, Torque Magazine is offering the best of both worlds and is available online, in print and digitally. Five issues are printed and five are purely digital engaging with readers through new and enhanced, interactive features and technology. Read the enhanced digital magazine here. 

Combining these techniques with a comprehensive and in-depth editorial allows Torque Magazine to offer marketing packages designed to maximise the exposure of your products and services.

Unique in the marketplace and building on the success of Torque Magazine UK, and the associated Torque-Expo exhibitions (both in the UK and coming soon to strategic locations worldwide), Torque Magazine will comprehensively cover the global distribution market for:

  • Fasteners, Fixings and Adhesives
  • Hand and Power Tools
  • Hardware and Architectural Ironmongery
  • DIY Products
  • Locks and Security
  • Trade Displays and Shopfittings
  • Abrasives and Lubricants
  • Clothing, Safety and Janitorial
  • Consumables
  • Other associated products, IT and Support Services

If your customers don’t speak English the enhanced purely digital issues are available in German and Italian in order to remove language barriers and maximise your business.

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About us

Torque Magazine & Torque-Expo are for the global fastener, construction fixing, tool and related distribution industries.

Torque Magazine

Torque Magazine

Delivering news, views, reports and features, Torque Magazine is published 10 times a year. Print issues, published six times annually, are sent to Europe. In addition, four issues are purely digital, offering an interactive experience for readers.


Torque-Expo events provide the industry with the platform to get face-to-face with customers and peers. First held in 2015, Torque-Expo connects exhibitors with the industry’s senior buyers and key decision makers.

Torque Website

The website is the hub for Torque Magazine and Torque-Expo events, providing up-to-the minute industry news, shared with readers via social media and a free weekly newsletter.

Torque Magazine and are globally focused. With a physical presence in the UK and Germany, with experienced staff from the UK, Europe and North America, the worldwide industry is covered, including the USA, Far East, Europe, UK, emerging markets and more. To strengthen and expand partnerships and readership, Torque regularly exhibits at key industry shows including the Taiwan International Fastener Show, Las Vegas’ International Fastener Expo and Cologne’s International Hardware Show, among others.

Torque Magazine and Torque-Expo cover the global distribution market for:

  • Fasteners, Fixings & Adhesives
  • Hand & Power tools
  • Abrasives & Lubricants
  • DIY Products
  • It & Support Services
  • Trade Displays, Shopfittings & Work Cases
  • Hardware & Architectural Ironmongery
  • Consumables Clothing
  • Safety & Janitorial
  • Associated products

Decades of experience & evolving with the industry

The Torque Magazine team mixes youth with experience, including some of the most seasoned fastener publishing and events executives in (possibly) the world, all the way through to fresh‐out‐of‐university journalistic talent. Blending traditional and successful print magazines with innovative forward-thinking digital products, Torque caters for established industry execs as well as millennial and future industry generations.

Torque is a Stag Publications brand

Stag Publications is the publisher of a wide range of print and digital magazines, websites, events and other trade communications, including CyclingIndustry.News and Fleet World Group (including Fleet World, Van Fleet World, EV Fleet World, International Fleet World and the Great British Fleet Event).