71,500 visitors made the trip to wire & Tube 2018

More than 71,500 trade visitors (2016: 69,500) from 134 countries came to Düsseldorf over the five days of the wire 2018 and Tube 2018 shows, in April.

A total of 2,683 companies from 67 countries presented their technology highlights in 16 exhibition halls on more than 117,000 square metres – 7,000 square metres of space more than at the previous events in 2016.

wire 2018

Wire and cable machines, wire and cable production, trade with these materials as well as fibre glass technologies, mesh welding machinery, spring making and fastener technologies were presented in exhibition halls 9 to 16. A total of 1,442 exhibitors from 53 countries showcased their innovations on space exceeding 65,000 square metres. Most wire exhibitors came from the major producer countries Italy, Germany, Turkey, Great Britain, France, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. From overseas many exhibitors from the USA, India, Taiwan, South Korea and China travelled to the exhibition halls on the Rhine.

Trade visitors at wire 2018 were primarily interested in machines for processing and producing wire and cable, steel bars and strips, process engineering tools as well as machines, equipment, tools and auxiliaries. The forming technology and auxiliary materials segments were also in high demand. 20% of the visitors polled stated they were interested in finished products.

Tube 2018

The ranges at Tube 2018 encompassed pipe and tube materials, manufacturing, finishing, processing, pipe and tube accessories, trade and forming technology including profiles, plastic tubes, machinery and plants, and a China pavillion. Tube was held in Halls 3 to 7a, 7.0 and 16 to 18 occupying in excess of 52,000 square metres of exhibition space. 1,241 companies from 57 countries were presented.

At Tube most exhibitors hailed from Italy, Germany, Turkey, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria and France. Most overseas exhibitors travelled from the USA, China, India, South Korea and Taiwan to Düsseldorf.

The visitors at wire 2018 and Tube 2018 were also international, with over 50% of visitors of both trade fairs arriving with concrete investment intentions, said the show organiser, with 70% of visitors executives with high decision-making authority. 55% of trade fair visitors voiced their satisfaction at having found new suppliers.

State of the industry

According to the organisers, the steel and NF metal industries have always been reliable early indicators for all other industries – if things go well here, the economy as a whole will benefit.

Investment has gone up worldwide – in infrastructure, the automotive sector, the electrical industry, regenerative energy projects and in oil and gas pipelines. And the upstream supplies industries wire, cable and pipes have substantially benefited from this development at wire and Tube in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 April 2018.

Across Germany, steel and metal processing counts among the ten mayor sectors of industry. These sectors are strongly characterised by SMEs, by traditional growth and innovation. But even major groups of companies are now re-aligning their operations, following digital optimisation processes and reorganising their distribution channels, both nationally and internationally.

Orders for capital goods like machinery, plants and vehicles are very high and the German economy is very much benefiting from the positive global business climate.

“As trade fair organisers we have once again succeeded in offering the wire, cable and pipe industries a global platform in Düsseldorf as a Basis for Business,” said Messe Düsseldorf GmbH MD Joachim Schäfer.

30 March to 3 April 2020 will see wire and Tube held again together at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre. www.wire.de & www.Tube.de