TORQUE TOOLS FOCUS: Sealey & Stahlwille

Torque wrenches, screwdrivers and multipliers are just some of the natural add-on product lines for companies that are already stocking nuts and bolts. Torque presents the second part of its look at some of the big and upcoming brands in the sector…


Sealey offers an extensive range of hand tools, all of which come with a lifetime warranty. In its catalogue, or on its website, there’s a wide selection of torque tools such as wrenches, multiplier sets, adaptors and screwdrivers.


One of the most recent additions to the range is the STS103 – Digital Torque Screwdriver. It is ideal for any application where low precision is required as the audible alarm and vibration indicates when the required torque level is achieved. It can be used in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction which is particularly useful when working on those hard to reach places. It is accurate to ±1% of stated capacity.

Also worth checking out is Sealey’s award winning STW306 – Angle Torque Wrench Digital 1/2″Sq Drive 20-200Nm. This Digital wrench has an LCD read-out with both LED and audible alarms which indicate the achieved and target torque levels. It features ‘Angle’ mode which eliminates the need for angle gauges and protractors and therefore provides a very accurate and fast way to measure torque, plus angle tightening sequences.

It will also accumulate angle measurement when multiple turns are required, which is ideal for use where access is limited. Users can access pre-set desired torque levels or track peak and working torques, using simple push-button menus. Selectable read-outs can be chosen in either Nm,, lb.ft, kgf.m or degrees. A reversible Chrome Vanadium 72-tooth ratchet allows for torque reading in either direction and it is accurate to ±2% of the wrench’s stated capacity.

Sealey also invests in specialist QC torque calibration equipment, which enables the company to offer a Torque Wrench Calibration service for wrenches which have lost accuracy during normal workshop use (charges apply). For more details call 01284 757500 or head to the official site:


New from Stahlwille is the Manoskop 730 Fix, an adjustable wrench that you can ‘Fix’. For customers in industrial production environments, the
use of ‘pre-set’ or ‘production’ torque wrenches has been the natural choice for many years. If the operator is repeating the same operation over and over on a production line, it is important to ensure that they cannot change the torque setting of the wrench, thus ensuring the product is manufactured to specification.


However, the customer often has to invest in an increasing number of ‘pre-set’ wrenches, preset at different torque settings for different applications. Alternatively, workshop torque testers are used to adjusting the torque setting of the wrench for different tasks, or it is returned to the calibration lab for a torque setting change. This has been a bug-bear for many operators for some time and it’s this premise that the new Manoskop 730 Fix has been built upon. Addressing this challenge head on, the 730 Fix is adjustable, with a scale, and is calibrated throughout the range. The target torque can be set very quickly and easily using the QuickSelect knob and the QuickSelect knob can then be unscrewed and removed by hand within seconds, without the use of any tools. The Torx Tamper-Resitant screw (included) can be installed using the screwdriver bit (also included) and a bit driver. Finally, as an extra measure, the self-adhesive cover (included) can be applied to cover the blanking screw.

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