Torque wrenches, screwdrivers and multipliers are just some of the natural add-on product lines for companies that are already stocking nuts and bolts. Torque looks at some of the big and upcoming brands in the sector…


Germany’s premium tool manufacturer prides itself on products with high quality, precision, reliability and long service life.

The firm says that with safety specifications and documentation requirements becoming increasingly stringent, verifiable safe bolting is of the utmost importance whether for the industrial or manual trade, automotive or mechanical engineering sector or for the expanding assembly and maintenance
of wind power systems. That trend has driven a high demand for quality torque tools and is a key focus for Gedore.

To even better meet the increasing demand for torque products and consistently offer customers the best solutions, Gedore has consolidated its competences in its torque division, including the integration of well-known brands like MHH Torqueleader and Lösomat. By merging these competences, Gedore can offer the full range of quality torque tools – from 0.02 to 54,000Nm – as well as comprehensive services, all under one roof. This includes indicating, clicking, mechanical and electronic torque spanners – from inexpensive beginner’s models from the UK series through to the premium E-torc Q model. Gedore also offers torque drivers, torque multipliers, testing instruments and accessories such as bits, plugs and extensions.


The highlights of the torque range include the famed Alu-Dremometer with which Gedore attracted a lot of attention in the tool industry as early as 1951. Today, the Dremometer is championed for its light weight, wide range of applications and grip. The fluted handle sits comfortably in the hand and makes working with extensions and attachments easier, Gedore says. Above all, Alu-Dremometer’s has a precision of +/- 3% of the
set value, surpassing the +/4% standard stipulated by DIN EN ISO 6789:2003.

E-torc II and the premium E-torc Q offer top measurement precision and comprehensive analysis. Both models enable users to save measurement curves and evaluate them with easy-to-use software and they can also specify the bolting process, making life easier for the user and helping prevent bolting errors. The E-torc Q was awarded the coveted German Red Dot Design Award for its innovative, ergonomic design.

And it’s not just the torque tools itself that Gedore offers customers and retailers, with competent consultation and optimal services: Gedore has DAkkS-accredited laboratories for repairs and calibration and customised tools can also be made on request.



Norbar Torque Tools has launched a new digital scale mechanical torque wrench ideally suited to both industry and garage professionals alike.
The new ClickTronic wrench combines the proven mechanism of the company’s popular Professional wrench, with a new easy-to-read display which will significantly reduce setting errors.

The new wrench is accurate to within ±3% of reading, which meets and exceeds ISO6789:2003. The new tool has multiple torque units which means that users can work in their preferred torque units. Additional features include a USB charging point, which uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and a push/pull lock and adjustment knob, which has a coloured band to clearly indicate that the wrench is in an unlocked position and ready to be set.

The ClickTronic is also equipped with a Timestrip, unique on a torque wrench, which provides a visual indication of when the wrench needs recalibration.

Philip Brodey, Sales and Marketing Director at Norbar Torque Tools, says: “Our Professional torque wrench is a proven design, but the new ClickTronic takes this classic wrench and improves it even further. Feedback from the marketplace and from professionals working in industrial settings was that users wanted a digital display that is easier to set than traditional analogue torque wrench scales and capable of being read even in poorly lit areas.”

Brodey concludes: “The ClickTronic is a state-of-the-art torque wrench which utilises a fresh new design and proven engineering from our Professional wrench, in combination with a digital display that will increase setting accuracy and reduce setting errors.”

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