The hose clamp for all occasions…including when tracking walruses

British manufacturer JCS gives Torque its expert view on the potential of the humble worm drive hose clip…

As an engineer in the field, there is nothing more infuriating than having the wrong size or type of fitting to complete the job. It is impossible to carry every component for every eventuality, not least in the fluid handling industry with an extensive list of hose clamp types. So how do engineers choose
what to stock in tool boxes?

Critically, many hose clamps have been designed to do a specific job at the lowest possible price so many manufacturers will use clamps only suitable for a certain size of hose.

What’s needed is a strong, easy-to-use clamp with a large adjustment range to cover many different hose sizes. The only clamp to fulfil all these criteria is the humble worm drive hose clip.

How can we be sure the worm drive clip is up to the job? For standard duty clips there are different standards depending on country and industry.
Operating requirements for the British Standard BS5315 far exceed other standards and all JCS Hi-Grip products – Zinc Plated Mild Steel, BS.304 and BS.316 Stainless Steel – carry the BSI Kitemark. JCS internal standards are set at least 20% above the requirements of BS5315.

The standard worm drive hose clip is not suited to all applications, including wire reinforced hoses, in large or high pressure uses but for these, JCS has a range of heavy duty clamps, Hi-Torque. Although similar in appearance to the standard duty Hi-Grip, Hi-Torque clamps have a unique straight line housing ensuring every thread of the hardened rolled Stainless Steel screw is fully engaged with the fully perforated band. This feature, together with the high tensile stainless steel band (tensile strength: 75tons/in2), means Hi-Torque offers twice the strength of ordinary worm drive hose clips…even our own Hi-Grip.

Used correctly, Hi-Torque offers a cheaper, more versatile and simpler alternative to Nut and Bolt-type clamps. In testing, Hi-Torque has consistently
provided superior clamping force and sealing ability onto different hoses over more elaborate and ‘stronger looking’ rivals with the added advantage of a larger adjustment range. JCS confidently offers Hi-Torque as an alternative to any other type of hose clamp.

Being fully 304 or 316 Stainless Steel,Hi-Torque is also suitable for use in marine, offshore and other corrosive environments. This is supported by Lloyds Register Type Approval and is one of the only clamps in the world for specific approval for the critical application of sealing wet diesel exhaust

For larger pipe sizes and couplings, Multi-Torque is an even more versatile variation on Hi-Torque. Multi-Torque comprises of an adjuster strap with a worm drive housing each end and continuous length of perforated stainless steel banding. A similar system is adopted by many drainage pipe coupling manufacturers, most of which JCS produce clamps for. Multi-Torque can be used on any size hose or coupling from 70mm diameter, making it the perfect addition to any field service engineers toolbox.

Worm drive hose clamps can potentially damage soft wall rubber hoses. Uniquely, JCS uses a special material with a rounded edge for clamp bands on all products, offering superior protection as the sharp point which cuts into the hose is removed completely.

We really do mean a hose clamp for every application

JCS has supplied clamps globally for diverse applications, including an American University project to track walruses in Alaska. Securing a Tracking Transmitter to the large mammals proved difficult. After several attempts and expensive losses using adhesives and various strapping methods it was decided Hi-Torque clamps were the answer. Made from Marine Grade BS.304 Stainless Steel – impervious to immersion in saltwater and very low temperatures and with the unique rounded band edge – the clamps were successfully used for over two years with no failures and, mostly importantly,
no harm to the animals.

JCS has been manufacturing worm drive hose clamps for over 70 years at their factory in Sudbury Suffolk. Find out more on 01787 888031.

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