Technifast boosts precision machining capabilities to 32mm diameter

Technifast has increased its machining capabilities to include the manufacture of 32mm diameter precision engineered fasteners.

Previously the Corby-based firm has operated with a maximum of 25mm diameter capacity, but recognised the need to increase its ability to respond to the customers’ specification and unique requirements.

“Our customers are increasingly enquiring about the manufacture of larger diameter fasteners,” explained Technifast Managing Director, Louis Speed. “In a bid to adapt to these requests, we have invested considerably in the machinery to produce up to 32mm diameter fasteners.

“Operating in tolerance sensitive and high-specification markets, we wanted to ensure we were able to remain true to our core values, whilst adopt the flexibility to accommodate a more diverse range of our customers projects.”

Technifast is an established supplier, exporter and manufacturer of specialist engineering components and precision fasteners. Its large portfolio of precision fasteners spans pins, dowels, spacers, inserts and keys, which are supplied to industries including automotive, aviation and marine.

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