Stahlwille releases adjustable wrench you can ‘fix’

Stahlwille has revealed details of the Manoskop 730 Fix – an adjustable torque wrench that can be ‘fixed’.

The new Manoskop 730 Fix is adjustable, with a scale, and is calibrated throughout the range.


The target torque can be set quickly and easily using the QuickSelect knob.

The QuickSelect knob can then be unscrewed and removed by hand within seconds, without the use of any tools.

The TORX® TAMPER-RESISTANT screw (included) can be installed using the screwdriver bit (also included) and a bit driver.

Finally, as an extra measure, the self-adhesive cover (included) can be applied to cover the blanking screw.

Stahlwille explained the premise behind the Manoskop wrench: “For customers in industrial production environments, the use of ‘pre-set’ or ‘production’ torque wrenches has been the natural choice for many years. If the operator is repeating the same operation over and over on a production line, it is important to ensure that they cannot change the torque setting of the wrench, thus ensuring the product is manufactured to specification.

“However, the customer often has to invest in an increasing number of ‘pre-set’ wrenches, preset at different torque settings for different applications. Alternatively, workshop torque testers are used to adjust the torque setting of the wrench for different tasks, or it is returned to the calibration lab for a torque setting change. This has been a bug-bear for many operators for some time.

“The new MANOSKOP 730 Fix addresses this head on.”

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