Specialinsert’s KEEP-NUT seeks worldwide expansion

With ETA certification, Specialinsert’s Keep-Nut is fixed on breaking  into the construction sector globally. Here the company takes Torque through the advantages of the concealed anchor…

Specialinsert is reporting steady  sales growth of its most innovative product, the Keep-Nut, the revolutionary self-anchoring inserts for any solid surfaces.

Keep-Nut is now used in more than 35 (and counting) countries worldwide for a variety of different projects where the requirement is to use fastening elements on solid surfaces, including interiors, kitchen and bathroom countertops, furniture and external ventilated façades.

Crucially, Keep-Nut has recently obtained the ETA certificate for the Keep-Nut to be used as fastener for the rear fixing of façade panels made of ceramic tiles (stoneware), according to EN 14411:2016. The achievement of the ETA is a result of a long and rigorous process carried out by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) with outcomes from about 100 different laboratory tests performed by the Polytechnic of Milan as an independent body.

Thanks to the ETA certification, Specialinsert is now be able to approach the building and construction industry, cladding and ventilated façades projects, in which the Keep-Nut will provide a solution as concealed anchor.

One of the most important advantages of Keep-Nut compared to alternative anchors is that the holes in the panels are simply cylindrical without any undercuts, so the drilling process is performed with standard and cheaper tools. Installation into the panels is very easy and fast with no needs for adhesives. It can be done directly on the construction site too.

Keep-Nut has been positively tested not only on ceramic but also on marble, granite, engineered stone, HPL, Corian, Dekton, Teak wood and many other solid surfaces. Keep-Nut is manufactured in stainless steel and is made of a threaded bush, with a set of toothed spring washers, and a plastic ring holding the parts together. It comes in different lengths, with or without flange, to fit to several different panel thicknesses. Additionally it can be customised with different versions and sizes (inches and metrical), in order to fulfill customer needs.

According to Specialinsert, Keep-Nut has been one of the best-selling products of the year with applications on kitchens and bathrooms elements, furniture, décor and interior design, construction and many more.


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