Sheffield fastener manufacturer Cooper & Turner acquired

US investment firm Watermill group has completed the acquisition of Cooper & Turner – a manufacturer and distributor of high-strength, large diameter fastener systems for a range of applications, including wind turbines, railway tracks and steel construction buildings.

Headquartered in Sheffield, Cooper & Turner has manufacturing and distribution operations across Europe, China and the US, producing industrial fasteners, bolts, nuts and washers.

Thanks to the acquisition, the manufacturer will pursue new product, service and market opportunities around the world as well as continue to operate existing production lines.

“We are thrilled to join Watermill for this next chapter in the history of Cooper & Turner,” said CEO Tony Brown. “For nearly two centuries, this organisation has evolved and thrived – innovating alongside cutting-edge customers and developing industry-leading service levels across established and emerging sectors. Watermill’s strategic guidance will be invaluable to us as we continue in this tradition of growth and progress.”

Tony and his brother, David Brown, will retain a significant shareholding in the Company.

Cooper & Turner is to exhibit at this October’s NIFMSE in Las Vegas.

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