Roughneck’s new club hammer delivers ‘striking’ benefits

Olympia Tools, distributor of the Roughneck brand of hand tools and workwear, has made a new addition to its range – a new, professional club hammer.

Like all products within the Roughneck range, the new Roughneck Gorilla Club Hammer has been developed with an intelligently designed, shaped steel head which is pointed at one end. This creates a domed face capable of creating much higher striking forces than a conventional flat face. The other end of the head has also been enlarged enabling greater spread loading of any striking force whilst a 45° chamfer helps to reduce chips from the substrate being struck. Such chips can present health and safety risks if they become airborne.

The new Roughneck Gorilla Club Hammers also feature two additional striking faces on either side of the head. These employ steel which has been non-hardened making them ideal for hitting softer materials such as wood. Further features include a head and handle that will never detach thanks to the fact that they are threaded onto each other as well as fixed together through a series of compressed ridges. The handles are also made from premium quality fibreglass and benefit from a triple injected, comfortable grip

The new Roughneck Gorilla Club Hammers are available in two head weights – 1.1kg (2/12lb) and 1.81kg (4lb).

Vahe Der Kureghian, purchasing and marketing director at Olympia Tools, said: “The Roughneck range of striking tools are highly regarded in the market and cater for a wide variety of needs. It includes everything from high performance products like our VRS hammers and Gorilla Sledgehammers to specialist solutions such as our slater’s roofing and scotch hammers. The launch of our new Roughneck Gorilla Club Hammers will add to that choice and success.They are an ideal option whenever the application of precise striking force is required, such as when hitting bolsters and chisels.”

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