Reisser to unveil new Holesaw kits at Torque-Expo 2016

Designed to cater for the specific needs of the professional plumber or electrician, Reisser has further expanded its range of power tool accessory sets with the launch of three brand new holesaw kits, with an additional Handyman set intended for general applications.

The new sets contain professional grade bi-metal holesaws, with a tough 8% cobalt HSS cutting edge for high performance and long life. Variable pitch teeth provide the optimum solution for cutting a wide variety of materials.holesaw-set-3-2

The arbors to drive the holesaws have also been upgraded, with pilot drills tightened by means of a hex key rather than a slotted screwdriver. This enables a higher torque to be applied, ensuring the pilot drill remains secure in operation.

Useful technical information, such as recommended cutting speeds, is clearly illustrated on the rear of the set.

The new holesaw kits mark the second phase of a complete reimagination of the Reisser PTA range, designed to take into account improvements in the quality of products and packaging in recent years and bringing the range up-to-date in terms of presentation, performance and choice.

The new holesaw kits will be launched at Torque-Expo 2016, taking place in three week’s time, from 11th-12th October 2016.

Reisser is an internationally renowned supplier of high performance woodscrews and power tools accessories aimed specifically at the professional trade.

Reisser has grown to become a leading brand in the merchants’ industry, supplying to both national and independent distributors as well as the main buying groups.


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