Prebena USA pledges to ‘buy American and hire American’

The boss of Prebena North American Fastener Corp has promised the company will follow two rules: “Buy American and hire American.”

General Manager Ulrich Wicke said that Prebena North American Fasteners has been following that policy for the last four years, buying raw materials from the country and hiring in excess of 12 staff.

The pledge, made in the company’s February newsletter, comes as North America’s political and media pundits are particularly focused on US manufacturing, overseas trade and US jobs. The arrival of President Trump has pushed the topics up the agenda in recent months.

Wicke confirmed that pricing will be updated this month, with a new price list in March – a slight increase is expected for most imported items while some US-made products will likely see price decreases due to improved production processes.

This year China steel prices will not hit the lows seen in 2016, the Prebena US boss predicted.

Prebena North American Fastener Corp produces staples and finishing nails in West Virginia, specialising in 16 and 18 gauge staples in galvanised steel, stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316. The firm also imports fasteners and tools from Germany and China.

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