Prebena debuts new nailers and staplers with Optiwear Tech

Prebena has revealed three new devices that will use its Optiwear technology, including a Construction Nailer (3GP-CNH50), a Pneumatic Stapler (1GP-XA16) and Pneumatic Stapler with long nose (1GP-A16LN50).

Optiwear technology features optimised wear parts including seal kit, piston and bumper, which are manufactured from ‘new materials’ and guarantee an extremely high number of shots with a long service life, according to Prebena. Other Optiwear features include a low air requirement, low noise and vibration level, with a smooth trigger system and an extremely fast shot capacity.

The new Construction Nailer (3GP-CNH50) is for coilnails type CNH from 25-50mm (1″-2″), with applications including aluminium, stainless steel or tianium zinc roof and wall claddings, valley boards and metal sheet fixing on wood.

The Pneumatic Stapler (1GP-XA16) is for plastic staples type XA 10mm (3/8″) for wherever (after processing) the staple is processed such as sawing or grinding, or no metal adhesion in the material is allowed to remain.

The Pneumatic Stapler with long nose (1GP-A16LN50) is for staples type A from 4-16mm (5/32″-5/8″) for upholstery work or anywhere stapling is required in deep ridges, grooves, corners, etc.

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