Master Abrasives seeks distributors for ZIPP fastening tools

Master Abrasives is to introduce the complete range of fastening air tools manufactured by ZIPP Group and sold under the ZIPP® brand and is now looking for suitable distributors for the range.

Previously, ZIPP Group’s range of metal removal air tools have been available to the UK and Ireland for two years. The industrial tools available include die grinders, orbital sanders, pencil grinders, and other cutting, grinding, and surface finishing tools.

ZIPP Group’s newly introduced range of fastening tools by ZIPP Group includes impact drivers, oil impulse tools, torque wrenches, riveters, and more, with tools being made in USA and Taiwan, with applications in automotive, shipyard, railway and other markets.

As well as value for money, customers can also benefit from low HAV levels, helping companies to save costs and protect employees by reducing the risk of HAVS in the workplace.

“ZIPP Group is continually developing products to meet the changing needs of users,” said Paul Batson, Master Abrasives MD. “For instance, ZIPP recently launched the latest advanced bolt tightening technology at the Stuttgart Fastener Fair in March. The new technology includes the Sensing Bolt, the Tagged Bolt, and the Torque Transducer with RFID Reader, the Transmitting Socket, and the Transmitting Cap, all capable of communicating with the ZIPP Controller.

“These innovations together with the build quality of the tools and excellent price levels make us at Master Abrasives proud to represent ZIPP Group in the UK and Ireland for their entire range of tools.”


The ZIPP fastening tools range includes the rear exhaust 3/8” air impact wrench (ZIW344) which operates with a double-chamber 9 vanes motor to provide higher output power in comparison with conventional motors for high productivity. It uses a double pin hammer mechanism and a one-piece front end plate and cylinder design to improve motor-efficiency. A 360-degree swivel air inlet and user-friendly side reverse switch helps improve operator comfort.

The ½” air impact wrench model ZIW1015C uses a twin hammer impact mechanism for high torque output performance and a special hardened Cylinder, Front plate, and Rear plate to maintain high durability. A spring-mounted vane prevents dead-lock issues, and the 360-degree swivel air inlet and composite handle improves operator comfort.

Innovative designs are also seen in the range of ZIPP air saws, including model ZS319H which is manufactured with patented designs to ensure extreme low vibration and operator’s comfort. These patents include a vibration-reducing suspension and its modular unit assembly in a clam-shell composite housing which also assists with easier servicing. A universal swivel air inlet joint allows manoeuvrability of the tool and a safety trigger prevents accidental start-ups and improves operators comfort.

In the metal removal tool category, the pencil grinder ZPD212 has a high-speed air motor and twist throttle offering variable speed control up to 60,000RPM, with an alloy steel cylinder maintaining durability and the high-grade ball bearings used provide a smooth low vibration operation. The results from real-use Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) tests carried out by Master Tool Services department showed that the vibration levels for the ZPD212 were considerably lower than those of two other well-known brands equivalents which were used for a true comparison in the tests, the firm said. The lowest vibration magnitude result for ZPD212 grinding a steel turbine blade came in at an impressive 0.62 m/s² in comparison with 1.22 m/s² and 1.07 m/s² for the other chosen tools results. A full case study with details of the HAV test results can be downloaded from on the information page.

For further information on the professionally designed range of fastening tools by ZIPP Group, download the catalogue online or request your hard copy from Master Abrasives.

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