HS-Technik reveals new industrial screwdriver with clutch and torque reaction sensor

The TorqBee PRO is a new, intelligent, cordless screwdriver from HS-Technik, featuring a precision clutch and torque reaction sensor for monitoring processes.

Connections are precisely monitored thanks to high reaction sensor accuracy, better than 2% full scale, HS-Technik said.

HS-Technik power tools are equipped as standard with large, bright OLED displays which display the status of the tool at all times. The HST display shows the battery charging status, the process results and clear text and symbol displays for worker guidance and information. The display was developed so the worker is intuitively guided through the process steps and can view the quality of the screw connection at any time. In this way, HS-Technik allows many producing industrial companies to immediately detect and remedy defective screw connections.

Programming and software

According to HST, TorqBee PRO tools are programmed via an integrated USB interface on the base of the tool using the established HST-Tool-Manager software. This software ensures quick and easy programming of the tools. Most HS-Technik products are now connected to the software which means only one program is needed for a wide range of tools. The software is delivered with the tools and new features are constantly being added to the HST-Tool-Manager so the software remains up-to-date for future tightening connections.


To monitor all processes and parameters and document them thoroughly, tools from HS-Technik can be connected to an external controller via Wi-fi (2.4 or 5 GHz) or 868 MHz radio. Via the optional bar code scanner, components/modules can be connected and documented automatically to the screw driving results. That means that, for instance, at the beginning of the process, the serial number of the component is scanned. The serial number is automatically connected to the product ID and the tightening results.


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