Grainger’s Tools for Tomorrow programme reaches 10 year anniversary

Grainger has awarded special one-time grants to the community colleges most active in the Grainger Tools for Tomorrow scholarship programme.

For the past 10 years, Grainger has worked with the American Association of Community Colleges to offer two scholarships of$2,000 each at 125 community colleges in the US. The scholarships are awarded to students in skilled trade and public safety programmes such as plumbing, welding, automotive, construction, fire safety and law enforcement. Half of the scholarships offered are earmarked for veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

In addition to the scholarship, Grainger provides tools to students after they graduate to help them launch a successful career. Since 2006, Grainger has donated more than $3.1 million to support technical education.

Grant awards were based on the top three community colleges with the most students earning Grainger Tools for Tomorrow scholarships overall during the last 10 years, and the top three community colleges with the most veterans earning Grainger Tools for Tomorrow scholarships.

“Congratulations to these six schools,” said Grainger Chairman, President and CEO, Jim Ryan. “The Grainger Tools for Tomorrow scholarship program started with seven community colleges in 2006, and now includes 125 schools. We began this program to support the evolving opportunities of skilled trade workers. Today, the skilled trades offer exciting, long-term careers that require advanced problem-solving skills, science, technology and math knowledge. Through our Grainger Tools for Tomorrow scholarship program, we are proud to do our part in helping qualified technical education and public safety students graduate.”

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