Fein targets sheet metal processing sector with tool launches

FEIN has broadened its provision for the sheet metal processing sector with three new 18V tools – the new cordless nibbler, sheet metal shears and slitting shears – replacing their 14.4V predecessors with improved electronics and adjustable speeds.

The firm has served the sheet metal processing sector for almost 100 years and the new cordless tools can be tackle materials including steel plates, corrugated sheet metals and trapezoid sheet metals, pipes and profiles.

  • Designed for cutting trapezoid, corrugated or single rolled sheets or profiles at speed without deformation, the FEIN ABLK 18 1.6 E nibbler uses a punching technique to handle materials up to 1.6mm thick. Achieving a cutting speed of up to 1.9m per minute and featuring the QuickIN clamping system, which allows the punch and die to be changed quickly as well as a 360 degree cutting adjustment without the need for tools, the nibbler is a rapid and versatile tool for the metalworking sector.
  • The FEIN ABSS 18 1.6 E slitting shears are capable of high cutting speeds up to 10m per minute on sheet metal, pipes and profiles up to 2mm thick. Designed with an open cutting head, users have an unrestricted view of the cutting line enabling greater control and accuracy. The waste material forms as a spiral instead of multiple small fragments helping to keep the work piece clean and reducing noise.
  • Offering effective cutting and trimming of sheet metals up to 4mm thick, the FEIN ABLS 18 1.6 E cordless sheet metal shears are highly manoeuvrable and comfortable to use, even for long periods. Achieving a cutting speed of up to 8m per minute, the sheet metal shears feature an integrated four-fold reversing blade, which ensures clean and burr free cutting without material loss.

All of the new cordless tools have been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and range of movement. They also all benefit from FEIN’s specially developed SafetyCell Technology, which extends battery life by protecting against overload, overheating, total discharge, high levels of current and short power surges. All of the tools feature an LED battery charge status indicator.


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