Fein Power Tools launches ‘most powerful mains oscillating multi-tool in the world’

The two new versions of FEIN’s SuperCut are the most powerful OMT’s available, according to the power tool company, and both come equipped with FEIN’s innovative Starlock Max tool mounting system.

FEIN’s new SuperCut Construction FSC500QSL (mains) has swiftly followed the cordless model’s launch AFSC18QSL). Both utilise the Starlock Max system which allows users to change accessories in less than three seconds, so more time can be devoted to the task in hand. In addition the FSC500QSL can now use all types of Starlock blades (Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max) whereas its predecessor (the FSC2.0Q) was restricted to just the SuperCut blades unless an adaptor was fitted.

Vibration reduction of 70%, noise down 50%

Both the corded and cordless FEIN SuperCut machines feature the latest innovative design, which fully decouples the self-supported motor from the motor housing by using flexible dampening elements. The result of which has meant that FEIN has been able to reduce the vibration in each machine by an amazing 70 per cent. In turn, this has then reduced the noise of the each machine by 50%. With the ergonomic design the new SuperCut can be continually used by tradespeople for high load applications over sustained periods.

The mains-powered FEIN SuperCut Construction FSC500QSL has a 450W FEIN high power motor, which achieves up to 45% more work progress and delivers even more precise results than its predecessor. The FSC500QSL is now available in the UK as a machine and Systainer case-only option with a RRP of £329.95 (excl. VAT) and with the specialist kit versions with an RRP of £411.95 (excl. VAT).

Chris Bull, Managing Director for FEIN Power Tools in the UK, commented: “FEIN now has 50 years’ experience of developing and manufacturing oscillating power tools and we have used the full breadth of our knowledge to develop the new SuperCut machines. Due to the patented Starlock mounting system there are many new accessories and therefore applications that these machines can be used for, which is exciting for the user.”


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