EMKA launches new wing knob compression latch

EMKA has released a new wing knob compression latch, tapping into the growing demand for compression latches and their anti-vibrational and superior sealing qualities.

This new IP65 wing knob format version from EMKA has a design that makes it suitable for a number of low access security, high sealing protection roles where ingress of dust and water is a problem, but where ready access is required for personnel, for example in high security areas.

The EMKA 1000 wing knob compression latch with IP65 rating comes in 2 types, each with a full 6mm pull-down. The basic form is adjustable only by use of different cams – however its’ companion provides extra depth adjustment with a threaded rod which considerably extends the reach to match extra deep doors or frames.

Find out more at www.emka.co.uk

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