EMKA brings in stainless steel hardware for enclosures

EMKA’s new stainless steel locks and hinges are pitched as ideal for specialist stainless steel enclosures or for GRP and lightly finished steel housings where there is a need for high corrosion resistance and/or the high strength of stainless steel.

EMKA’s modular design approach provides panel builders with a selection of ¼ turn locks and latches to IP65, including many with a compression function for enhanced sealing and vibration resistance. The compression hygiene latch takes this a stage further with a clean design intended to leave no hiding place for dirt accumulation in between the cleaning cycle.

The brands said its EMKA 1056 and 1079 program of screw-on/lift-off hinges provide potential matching hinge selections – the 1079 has chamfered ends for simple cleaning, making it ideal for industries like food processing – and also the 1046 series for flush doors and concealed within the cabinet for added protection in wash-down areas.

With locks and hinges in place, a stainless steel enclosure needs a suitable means of sealing – which EMKA provides with its 1011-06 gasket in EPDM which incorporates a self-grip feature designed to suit the double flange construction often used on stainless steel enclosures for the greater rigidity that this confers.

There are more details at www.emka.co.uk


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