Dripless caulking guns now available in the UK and Ireland via Caulfield Industrial

Dripless, Inc. is bringing its line of high quality caulking guns to the UK and Irish markets through a partnership with Caulfield Industrial of Galway, Ireland. The guns are being marketed through Amazon.co.uk. This includes the Made-For-The-UK 380ml ETS2000EL and ETS3000EL line of long barrel guns.

As spotted by Torque Magazine at this year’s Totally DIY + Tools exhibition, Dripless has been manufacturing and marketing caulking guns with the patented dripless mechanism in the US since 1992. The company is the original patent owner and marketer of the dripless function which is a one-handed stop flow mechanism that releases the pressure on the caulk tube when the trigger is released.

The famous Dripless advanced composite ETS series caulking guns and specialty dispensers are the best-selling line of high quality caulking guns in the US, but until now have been hard to find in the UK. The guns are revered for their durability, reliability and ease of use, the firm said, adding that the versatile 300ml ETS2000, at 12:1 thrust ratio, is the favourite for painters and tradesmen alike.

The firm has a line of quirky videos to plug the range:

For more information you can email dripless@sonic.net or phone (+1) 707-568-5081.

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