BRALO boosts environmental credentials with ISO 14001 certification

BRALO has recently obtained ISO 14001: 2008 certification, relating to the environmental impact of the fastener firm’s products, services and processes.

BRALO has been focusing on optimising the consumption of its resources and minimising the impact of its activities to achieve the certification.

The multinational company, with a factory in Pinto, manages the segregation, management, recycling and reduction of the waste it generates, ensuring that its disposal respects health, safety and the environment. BRALO has also adapted to environment-related legislation in the markets it serves, guiding the planning of tasks in a form appropriate to the current regulations.

The company said: “The ISO 14001 standard is a further step in BRALO’s orientation towards respect and preservation of the environment in all its processes, from the product design phase, to the manufacturing and sales processes. This commitment leads us to apply continuous improvement in our environmental management system.

“The commitment to the environment of all employees is supported by the training needs and resources necessary for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

BRALO is a manufacturer and distributor of rivets, insert nuts and riveting tools. Last year, BRALO launched new lightweight BNT pneumatic riveting tools.

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