Bosch enlists PriceSpider to demystify consumer purchasing behaviour

Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, the Power Tools Division of North America, is to use PriceSpider to provide product distribution insight across their online retail channels.

PriceSpider is a retail tech company that provides insights into consumer purchasing behaviour. The firm was selected by the power tool and accessory manufacturer to demystify consumer purchasing behaviour.

According to the press statement, Bosch Power Tools needed a platform to help manage its authorised seller programme. With PriceSpider, Bosch has unlimited access to a powerful product management platform. This platform enables them to identify who is selling their products, where the products are being sold, and the price the products are being sold for. The data provided through the platform helps Bosch further support various seller programmes.

“Our ability to gather quality data for Bosch’s growing list of products across thousands of retailers is unmatched,” said Anthony Ferry, PriceSpider CEO. “Bosch was looking for more than a vendor; they wanted a strategic partnership with a technology company that would put them further in the market by giving them insight into how their products are being sold. As a current customer of PriceSpider’s Where to Buy solution and Channel Reports, Bosch knows the power of PriceSpider’s proprietary technology.”

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