A Perry hails market response to industrial-strength Perry Wipes

Perry Wipes have seen sales increase month-on-month since their launch last year, A Perry has revealed.

The wipes are pitched as Market-Leading Industrial-Strength Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes. They are heavy-duty and suitable for multiple surfaces. They come in robust convenient re-sealable tubs of 100 wipes and the low alcohol content means the wipes can be used anywhere and the unique anti-bacterial additive, helps protect users from 99.9% all bacteria. Plus, they are effective against Weil’s disease – providing a convenient way for people to disinfect their hands, particularly when working out in the field.

“We launched them in October 2016 and the last 8 months we’ve seen sales increase month on month-on-month,” said Ian Dunnaker, Sales and Marketing Director at Perry. “Response has been brilliant, so much so we have had to keep increasing the size of our restocking orders!”

Micro-beads free and compliant with EU Cosmetics Directive

European manufacturer and distributor A Perry has formulated and designed the industrial-strength cleaning wipes to be used across multiple industries and environments, from engineering to decorating, and the farm yard to catering. The wipes are packaged in 6 packs and the tubs allow for taking just a single wipe at a time and resealing to keep the wipes fresh and clean.

The wipe can continue cleaning even when heavily soiled, so large clean-ups need fewer wipes. The formula is biodegradable, preservative-free and compliant with the EU Cosmetics Directive, ensuring Perry Wipes are friendly to the user’s skin and importantly to the environment.

Dunnaker added: “The environmental issues were extremely important to us when the formulation was originally created. By choice our wipes have and never will contain Micro-beads – the effect these beads are having on the environment and food chain is proving horrific.”

Produced using a specialist formula with skin conditioners and a high-performance fabric substrate, the large size, Perry Premium Wipes easily and quickly remove unwanted substances.  They are great for tackling and removing: PU Foam, Wet Paint, Varnish, Silicones, Sealants, Glue, Pen Tar & Asphalt Oil and Grease from a broad range of surfaces.

POS options

Dunnaker said the distributors particularly value the POS and upsells Perry produces to complement the range. “There’s the Single tub wall mounted display, which can be attached to the front of a counter or a wall, or the six-tub counter top/shelf display unit. Both are free when distributors order 4 packs of tubs. Our distributors say it makes a great upsell when offered as a “Freebie” with a case of 6 Tubs.”

“We react quickly to feedback from our distributors. The POS has gone exceptionally well, but our distributors wanted a floor unit which held larger volumes. To meet their needs we have designed a floor standing unit which holds 60 tubs. It is strong, substantial and the attractive graphics reflect the multiple environments Perry Wipes can be used in.”

“Of course, all our packaging and POS features Mister Bug. Easily recognisable, he’s rapidly becoming a real feature of the Perry Wipes programme.”


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