12 things you (probably) didn’t know about Fastener Expo Shanghai

Considering exhibiting or attending Fastener Expo Shanghai in future and are in need of a quick briefing on the show? Then you’ve come to the right place – Torque provides a handy info dump on the growing annual international expo…

1 Let’s kick off with something you undoubtedly do already know – in February the European Union unexpectedly removed existing anti-dumping
duties on steel fasteners from China. While there were winners and losers from the move and there’s every chance new duties will be applied again (whatever level that may be at), the axing of anti-dumping will have been the talk of this year’s Fastener Expo Shanghai, at least among its overseas
visitors. No doubt importers were keenly eyeing the opportunities the removal of the measure had presented.

2 Over 1,894 overseas visitors visited Fastener Expo Shanghai over three days in June, a return to form (perhaps thanks to the anti-dumping hot topic) after a disappointing 1,502 in 2015 – a dip in around 300 international visitors compared with 2014. If you’re mulling over exhibiting or attending, the overall picture is increasing international significance for Fastener Expo Shanghai – the show attracted visitors from 37 countries for its debut in 2010 and it now welcomes intrepid industry execs from over 60 countries.

3 A substantial 25,625 visitors crowded into Halls 1 and 2 of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre for this year’s Fastener Expo Shanghai. Once again, the numbers tell a story of growth, with visitor numbers at 8,500 in 2010, 21,000 in 2013 and 24,600 last year.


4 The show is split roughly between the two halls, with Hall 1 covering equipment, moulds, consumables and wire, while Hall 2 features all kinds of fasteners and stamping parts, also showcasing specialist fastener and fixing product.

5 702 is the number of exhibitors that took part in Fastener Expo Shanghai this year. Every year these numbers have grown, from a humble (but
not that humble) 346 for its 2010 debut. Exhibitors flew in from a diverse selection of countries to appear at Fastener Expo Shanghai 2016, including Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, the United States, China and Taiwan. No UK firms chose to exhibit this year, according to the official stats.

6 So who were those exhibitors? Among them were Taiwan’s Anchor Group which specialises in highgrade construction hardware, hardware
tools, high-speed rail pre-stressed anchors and engineering mechanical parts, among others, producing medium and high-grade construction hardware. Other significant players showcasing in Shanghai in 2016 included Spain’s Ningbo Londex Industrial Co which produces a variety of highstrength fasteners that conform to German, American, British, Japanese and international standards. It supplies high quality sleeve anchors, wedge anchors, zinc alloy frame anchors and many other products to the construction industry.

Other global exhibitors included National Machinery from the United States, Carlo Salvi from Italy, Hyodong Machine from South Korea, Nedschroeffrom Belgium, WAFIOS from Germany, CPM from Germany, SACMA from Italy, Sakamura from Japan and Nakashimada- Ronderson Machinery from Japan.

More local to the show, Shanghai Hongting Mechanical Equipment is another construction industry supplier, including hexagonal flange self-drilling screws, countersunk head cross recessed selfdrilling screws, pan head cross recessed self-drilling screws, large thumb head selfdrilling screws, stainless steel self-drilling screws, open blind rivets, aluminium open blind rivets, countersunk head blind rivets, garland blind rivets, large brim blind rivets, stainless stain blind rivet and other competitive products.


7 The organisers of Fastener Expo Shanghai have a sister show also held in China. Fastener Expo Guangzhou has been running since 2013, serving the needs of the building materials, furniture, electrical appliances and electronics, machinery manufacturing and other relevant industries, and to provide a one-stop trading platform to buyers, distributors, agents, end-users and other professionals. In addition, Fastener Expo Shanghai runs alongside Auto Fastener Shanghai and has done so since its inception – both shows are seven years old this year.

8 Construction in China is helping fuel the success of Fastener Expo Shanghai and its sister show in Guangzhou. Capital expenditure growth in construction is expected to stay above 15% in 2016, with China’s urbanisation rate continuing to be high at 56% in 2015, up from 26% in 1990.

9 Pro tip: At the start of this year, ITE Asia acquired a 70% stage in the organiser of Fastener Expo Shanghai and Guangzhou (Shanghai ITE Ebseek Exhibition Co, Ltd). At the time of the purchase, ITE Asia said the fastener industry was a major supplier to the building sector, where it has significant global coverage. In fact, ITE runs a number of inter-related shows, including the likes of Intertool Ukraine and India’s Hand Tools
and Fastener Expo in New Delhi. In total the group puts on a staggering 240 trade events every year.

10 Fastener Expo Shanghai 2016 incorporated the Screw Summit Forum and the 2016 Gold Screw Awards Ceremony. Including an award ceremony, the Screw Summit also featured a summit, keynote speech and industry insights. Organised by Luosi.com and supported by Shanghai Yuezhan Precision Technology, the event was held in Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Shanghai-Pudong.

11 Some final comparison statistics to take home: The Fastener Expo Shanghai overseas visitor total of 1,894 is very similar to Taiwan’s International
Fastener Show (situated a relatively close 600 miles away) which saw global visitor numbers of 1,996. On the face of it, however, Shanghai had more exhibitors, at 702 compared with 402.

12 Last but not least: Next year’s Fastener Expo Shanghai will run over 22-24 June 2017. shcn.fastenerexpo.cn

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